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Really shoud've read the instructions before playing this game, but it was still a fun play.

which platform is this game to? not windows?


The current build is for Windows, is it not working on your side somehow? :/

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da faq? it says not available for windows?

Hmmm where does it say that? I tested on multiple PCs, working fine :/

You need to setup the uploads in your edit page like this:

Your game currently looks like this in the app:

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ooo my bad! I'm not used to downloadable builds on, will do! thanks a lot!

oo oo i got the download

Use everything to your advantage. Even if it blows up half of the floor.

Nice game, had a good time playing it.

A little advice for Unity web build: go in Player Settings > Publishing Settings > Linker target - WebAssembley. It fixed many weird bugs in my game.

Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I checked the PlayerSettings, unfortunately the Linker target was already set to WebAssembly :/ I tried with asm.js and both enabled too, still nothing :(

I'll keep on lurking on unity forums, but thanks anyway! :)

With a game like yours, you might not want WebGL anyway, it might end up too laggy