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Great little game, tactical, swift, fun, not overly difficult.

why i can't get over this game????????? it's so good

Great game! I enjoyed the puzzles a bunch and I thought they were really well done! I loved the cyberpunk aesthetic and the music was beautiful! Everyhting was just phenominal, awesome job! Hope you enjoy the video! 

What an excellent game in every way. I kinda wish I had found this during the rating phase. This deserves 5/5.

this game is great. its like a puzzle but also action game. its like superhot game where you stop the time. amazing graphic and eveything is polished but the level is to few. please add more level. this my first gameplay, hope you enjoy it!

The combination of the genres worked very well for me, especially with the four enemy types; you managed to implement some more than solid level design thanks to that. :) The pixel art was fantastic as well! I was wondering if you took some inspiration by an old Ludum Dare entry by deepnight, called "Proletarian Ninja X"? It was a bit more action based, but your two games have the same basic premise. :) Anyway, it was a great execution of a neat idea, so I'm glad to say that I included your game in one of our compilation articles about the Ludum Dare 41, as well as it's featured in the related gameplay video. <3 Keep up the good work and good luck with the ratings! :)

Best wishes,


Hey Sebastian, thanks for your review, we're glad that you liked the game ! I didn't known Proletarian Ninja X but our game designer may know it :). Thanks again ! 


Hi, thanks for the feedback!

I didn't know this game either, will check that out for sure!

I still think the gameplay is pretty innovative and super fun, so: Good job, guys. <3

This is a really awesome game! Great feedback for each thing you do, I love all the effects. The only thing I think would help is that when you're detected the player freezes in the spot you're detected at. But it's fantastic as it is. Really great job! 

Very climatic cyberpunk elements combined with chinese music make a perfect looking game. Many different ways to finish the stage and diversity of enemies make you think twice before making your move. The placement of strike points requires some precision in tracing moves but nothing too hard.


Super fun! Great job!!!!


DId you specificcly make a level impossible?

just finished the game had lots of fun!

One thing i can only use my attack onece is that on purporse?But great game!

i love the game, but one question, if have to hit 5 target, how can i go to the elevator, and if i hit only 4 target i cant do anything anymore

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Hey, thank you :)

You can actually dash through multiple ennemies, you don't have to use one target per ennemy ;)


oh.. thank you xD its a really awesome game, love it x3


Nice graphics and audio! Excellent job!

I absolutely LOVE this kind of game! Stealth + puzzle + cyberpunk = My heart


Graphism ++++++