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Heist game made for LD45. Manage your crew, rob the bank, upgrade and repeat !

Art by Laura Nadal

Music by Louve Hurlante

Code by Nicolas Ceriani

Updated 6 days ago
Published 9 days ago
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags3D, clicker, heist, Ludum Dare 45, Management, Unity
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HEI$ 27 MB


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its payday fellas

Sometimes when im in a heist and leave the window, some henchmen are stuck in the bank. Only happens late in the game so far. Also it sometimes makes it so that when i purchase something i gain the money instead of losing it. Im playing it on Firefox if that is relevant.

Começei a ganhar tanto dinheiro que o jogo bugou kkkk

Tava gastando dinheiro e ao inves de diminuir fazia aumentar o dinheiro.

hey there is a glitch where when i get about x230 or more on the max money capacity (the last one) it stops all the heists and the prices are like -2.147484E-2 but thats ok because i'm used to see that in calculator lol i have 1100527000000.00$ which is alot of money lol but sad its stuck :(


haha yeah the game might break when reaching exceedly high numbers, sorry about that :d You can consider it a sort of victory condition I guess :D

I like games like this, if you have any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

omg this is awesome.

i live it...

ok. so i was just messing about. then i found if u put an auto clicker on for under 50miliseconds it glitches and is so funny but the est is if u do 1 milisecond..

really funny and cool little game! the design is wonderful!

"For educational use only" XD. The game is pretty fun, especially for an idle game. Though, it does have a few bugs. Once you get to a high amount of money, you can keep spending without your money going down. So I bought a bunch of criminals, see the picture below for what happened. The cherry on top was that most of the systems in the game start to break down once you reach these heights of money.

comment: such a surprising clicker! lovely <3

feature: may I suggest a "fire" button to fire low-level henchmen?

bug: the maximum money capacity does not work (tested on firefox)

Thanks , glad you enjoyed it! :)

The fire button was close to an idea we had, we wanted to be able to transform a henchman into a hacker that would hack the bank every X second, but we had to cut this due to time :d

Just checked the money capacity, seems bugged indeed, will try to fix that tonight. Thanks for reporting it !

thanks! :)

browser doesnt support graphics api, what browser and which version can i use to play the game 

Google chrome seems to be working fine :d

good idea

Enjoyable clicker with a neat theme. Loved the UI/Graphics, set it to auto and forgot about it came back to the numbers all overflowing.

Great job!